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Voice your miracle. Create and sustain your victorious life with your faith-filled words.

“A miracle is the supernatural intervention of God in the natural affairs of men, an intervention that transcends human reasoning, ability, science, and logic” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

When you speak, your words aren’t ordinary, for they contain power, the miracle element to affect and influence your world and cause a change. In Mark 11 vs 23; Jesus said, “You shall have what you say.”


To move to the next level and multiply; it ‘ll be by the Word: when you build your life on the Word; you ‘ll be unshakeable. you ‘ll grow, make progress and multiply. when you multiply, you add more growth. The Bible declare; “so mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed” (Acts 19 vs 20). You make way by RHEMA

“Our own words govern our life; and it is not the thing you say a little bit but it is the stuff you say all the time” – Kenneth Copland

Words are the most powerful thing in the universe. we live in word created, word dominated, word upheld system. Your talk is your future! Your spirit live by Rhema.

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to support the printing of the HARD COPY of this powerful declaration book to be distributed freely all across the world.

God bless you.


You will always win!

RHEMAJET: …building your world with the word of God.


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  1. I have life in my Lord Jesus Christ because I’m a new creation, I’m not moved by the circumstances of this cosmos but I’m only moved everything that pertain to life and Godliness.There no problem big enough to discourage me.The word of God has put me over and above all things because greater is He that is in me than he that is in world.My body can not contain any diseases because Christ in me the hope of glory.Anything that my hand touch will become blessing to generation.

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