This year I shall mount up with wings like an eagle

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This year I shall mount up with wings like an eagle


I DECREE & DECLARE that this year I shall mount up with wings like an eagle and I shall run and not be weary and I shall walk and not faint. My Path shall shine brighter and brighter. I arise and shine for my light is come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon me. No darkness shall overtake me; no abortion of ideas this year. No weapon fashion against me shall proper.

I am guided by the Spirit of God in all things, and my heart is flooded with divine light that I may know and walk in God’s perfect will always. I have a year’s results in three months as the Word of the Lord has said. This year is filled with glory, because the wisdom of God is manifested in me like never before.

How could sickness stay in me? Where? How? In the vessel that houses God? It’s just not possible! Health is mine! I know who I am! I am exactly like my Father in heaven: I do not perish because I am born of His imperishable seed-His Word that abides forever. I am free from every form of sickness and disease this year and forever in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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