The Word of God is in me, nothing shakes me

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The Word of God is in me, nothing shakes me

Monday, September 24th

The Word of God is in me, nothing shakes me. I’m victorious, irrespective of the circumstances around me. I’m more than a conqueror; I have overcome every trouble, crisis, adversity, and adversary.

The wordc of Christ dwell in me richly. My life is full of abundant grace and peace.
I am triumphant every day, and in every place, without struggle. I will never be a disadvantaged in this life. I am built up daily by the Word and deliver into my inheritance in Christ. Hallelujah.

Dear Father, my heart is open to receive your Wordc and live by it today. I esteem and desire your Word more than everything else. I’m rooted and established in the Wordc; unshakeable, and I triumph always! I’m living the higher life in Christ, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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God bless you.

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