The Power Of Your Mind

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The Power Of Your Mind!

“Think On These Things…”
Protect Your Mind; It’s Not An Open Field!

There are people whose mind are like open field that anyone can go through and drop unwanted seed. When you leave your mind open this way, any worthless seed can be thrown in it and it’ll grow.

(Study: Proverbs 4: 23).
You’d agree that if there’s no enemy or adversary, there wouldn’t be any need to guard something that belongs to you against an attacker. Truth is, there’s an adversary, a devil out there trying to send the wrong thoughts into your heart (through your mind). So you’re admonished to bar his evil thoughts.

If someone says something to you that challenges God’s Word, bar it from your mind! Don’t try to accommodate it or reason it out. You must recognise that God is not going to guard your heart for you. The responsibility is yours.

God didn’t just instruct us to mount guard at the door of our hearts without showing us how. He told us the files to delete from our minds and the ones to download and replace them with (Study: Philippians 4:8).

God’s Word has shown you what to dwell on as His child. It says it must be:

Now you may hear something that sounds honest or true but isn’t lovely or of a good report; don’t dwell on it, because it falls short of the measure of God’s standard of thoughts to allow.

Perhaps, you’re experiencing some challenges with your health, or the doctor has diagnosed you with a deadly disease. Now you’re troubled and wondering what to do about your condition.

I want you to realise that in the eyes of God, such a report isn’t true because it’s not in line with His provisions for you revealed in His Word. So refuse to dwell on it. Reject it in Jesus’ Name. Don’t think on it, and don’t voice it.

What you do with your mind is so important. Remember, you’re the expression of your mind. Your mind can make you poor or rich. It can place you on the pedestal of glory and greatness or dump you in the dust of suffering and shame. Choose glory. Choose life. Choose to use your mind right.

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