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I am moving upward and forward only

RHEMAJET FAITH’S PROCLAMATIONS OF HEALTH AND HEALING I am moving upward and forward only CONFESSION 24 The Bible says in Isaiah 33: 24, “And the inhabitant (of Zion) shall not say, I am sick”. I am a new creation, born into the kingdom of God. I dwell in Zion, the city of God; therefore, I will never have the testimony that I am sick. The sickable part of me has been taken out. I dwell […]

#KeepSayingIt #921

#KeepSayingIt #921 I am a new creation in Christ Jesus; everything about my life is infused with divinity. I express the Father’s glory daily; therefore, sickness and disease can’t express themselves in me. Eternal life, divine health, strength and power – all are mine now! My life is extraordinary; it is full of glory and divine energy, in the Name of Jesus. Amen


#KeepSayingIt #910 My trust is firmly rooted in God and His Word; therefore the storms of life cannot move me. I refuse to observe the situations around me. I keep my focus on the Word.   I have a special gift🎁, just for you. Get it here http://bit.ly/1Ty1vj6…👉 http://www.rhemajet.com

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