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Music: Frank Edwards “Happiness”

Music: Frank Edwards “Happiness” Lyrics [Verse 1] And me already know say happiness is key And you already know say worry worry cannot change a thing That’s why the Bible tell me say in every situation, say make I praise praise Say when you see me dance E be like say na craze I dey dance like David Lord I thank you for the love, the life, protection, and salvation [Pre-Chorus] Why you love me this […]

I have all resources I require

I have all resources I require #RHEMAJET 11.3.19 I declare I have all the resources I require for anything whatsoever. I live a worry-free life. I refuse to fret or have any anxiety about anything. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. I cast all my anxieties, all my worries, all my concerns, once and for all on Jesus, for He cares for me affectionately and cares about me watchfully. Blessed shall I […]

I am indestructible

I am indestructible #RHEMAJET 5.3.19 I declare that I am indestructible. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper! No sickness, no infirmity can fasten itself to my body! I am more than a conqueror and I live in dominion over all the forces of darkness! God himself has taken up residence in my life. I affirm the Lordship of Jesus over my life. The resurrection power is at work in me. I have received the […]

I reign as a king

I reign as a king #RHEMAJET 2.3.19 I declare by my faith that I am a victor in this life. I refuse to be dominated by the forces of darkness or the forces of this world, but rather, I dominate my environment and I reign as a king. I declare I have everything I require to live victoriously and be a success in life. I am walking in the light as God is in the […]

My life is for the glory of God

My life is for the glory of God #RHEMAJET 19.2.19 I declare I have all-round prosperity, and durable success always. I refuse to be swayed or moved by circumstances. The Word prevail in my life, putting me over and above circumstances, and piloting me from glory to glory. I think, mutter, and roar the Word only. The forces of life are release from within me; through my faith-filled confessions. I create my fruitful, productive and […]

I declare that I’m not a natural man

MY RHEMAJET I declare that I’m not a natural man 06:12:18 I declare that I’m not a natural man. I’m a spirit in motion. I can never and refuse to be subject to defeat, failure, poverty, and the uncertainties of life; I refuse to be governed by the rudiments of this present evil world. I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus. I live above the depravities and corrupting influences of this natural world. I refuse […]

I declare I refuse to fear in spite of the troubles

MY RHEMAJET I declare I refuse to fear in spite of the troubles FRIDAY 23RD NOVEMBER I declare I refuse to fear in spite of the troubles, crises, and overwhelming spread of evil around the world. It is written “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” I can never be disadvantaged; I am a victor and not a victim. My peace and safety […]