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I am built by the Word; I excel and make progress by the Word. I don’t argue with the Word; nor try to rationalize the Word. I don’t hold on to religious opinions, beliefs and thought-patterns that are contrary to the Word. I delight and hunger for the Word to do what it says. I trust the Word and use it to effect changes in my family, home, finances, academics, and physical body. I stand firm on the Word. I’m healthy and strong, because I have the life of God in me. I’m more than a conqueror; greater is He that’s in me, than he that’s in the world. I’m bold to speak forth the Word, and it’ll always prevail. Hallelujah.
The Word of God is working and producing results in me! I’m like a tree by the streams; evergreen, bearing luscious fruits, because the Word of God is my life and sustenance. I live in divine health, supernatural abundance, and in continuous victory and prosperity, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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1 thought on “RHEMAJET FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018

  1. The Words of Pastor Chris revives some power inside me i cant explain. It revives the thirs of the Living Word within me. Thank you man of God for revìving my inner man.

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