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May the spirit of God, fill your life, may the spirit of God, manifest Himself to you, in you, and through you more than ever before.

May He enlighten you in the things of God, and reveal to you the realities of the kingdom of God. I pray for you tonight, that everywhere you go, you’ll always be influential, you’d be a successful witness of our lord Jesus, witnessing for Him, and His glory will remain in your life.

I pray for you, may His grace increase in your life, if there’s anything difficult for you, may the holy spirit now make it easier for you, may He give you that solution you need.

I pray for you today, everything of your little endeavors will come out with favourable results, in this month of favour, you’d find things happening for you soo fast. Things even your mind cannot fathom. In this month of favour, you’d do things beyond your natural abilities. What you couldn’t have done, where ordinarily you shouldn’t be, favour will take you there in the mighty name of jesus.

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