MYRHEMAJET – The glory of God is inside me

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The glory of God is inside me


The glory of God is inside me. The glory in me is a greater glory. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of glory; He’s the glory of the Father, and He lives in me in His fullness. The glory beams from within my spirit, permeates my body, and affects everything around me. I pray in the spirit often and His glory in me rid my body of sickness and disease; and the depravities and problems that ravage the lives of others won’t affect me. The power that works in me is the glory within. Hallelujah!
Dear Father, thank you for the awesome privilege of having the Holy Spirit live in me; He’s the glory of my life, and I take advantage of His glorious presence and power in me to bless my world! The glory of the Lord is revealed in, and through me today, and I’m transported into higher realms of blessings in the transcendent life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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