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My life is beautiful in Christ

Wednesday 5th September, 2018 

My life is beautiful in Christ. I’m one with God; I’m a joint-heir with Christ and a partaker of His life and of His righteousness. I’m enjoying my life to the fullest and living my best to His glory. I accept Christ vicarious sacrifice and I am automatically ushered into the transcendent life of glory. Christ suffered for me, but that His suffering brought me life eternal, and righteousness. I’m an associates of the God-kind. I live every day in the victory of the death, burial and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just as death and the grave couldn’t hold Him down, nothing of darkness can be able to exert influence or control over me; I refuse to allow anything keep me in bondage. I refuse to allow poverty take a hold of me, for Jesus took my place of poverty on the Cross and gave me prosperity. Glory to His Name forever. Halleluiah.
Blessed Father, I’m grateful for your life in me, which was made possible by the resurrection of Christ from the dead. I thank you that I’m the object of your love, and my prosperity and wellbeing are your delight. I live in the victory of Christ, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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