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SUNDAY, 20Th MAY 2018

My competence is of God! I have been called, anointed, and sent by the Spirit; therefore, I carry out His work by His divine power. I am competent to do all things; everything that God has called me to do. I am the one on the scene today, spreading God’s righteousness, and establishing His Kingdom on earth and in the hearts of men. I am up to the task. I have what it takes to make any project an excellent success, because I am sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. I have an assurance from the Holy Spirit, that, I can achieve a target; He’s my ability. By the Holy Ghost, I can do all things; I always win; I am fruitful and productive in all things; I am competent in any field. Put me anywhere, I’ll shine; I’ll always be a success, because I’m sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. By the Holy Ghost, I am a champion for life! Hallelujah!
Dear Father, what a privilege to be imbued with the requisite and adequate ability to carry out to completion, and with excellence, all tasks and projects to your glory. I can do all things through your anointing that’s at work and fully operational in me. Blessed be your Name forever!

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