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SUNDAY, 17Th JUNE 2018

Nothing in life, including the weather and its elements, is set to my disadvantage. The different seasons—summer, winter, autumn, spring— were all created for my benefit. All the weather conditions are subject to me. I rise above it. I rise above the weather and all its limitations and effects. In and around me is divine health, because I dwell in a different atmosphere; the atmosphere of the Holy Ghost. I rise above the weather conditions and the health or environmental issues they bring. I have eternal life in me; I’m indestructible, impregnable, and imperishable. I carry my own atmosphere everywhere I go. Hallelujah!
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I rise above all limitations and conditions that seek to put men under. I walk in the dominion and power of the Spirit over and above circumstances, and elements of this world. I acknowledge that all things work together for my good; therefore, I experience victory, prosperity, and success today and always. Amen.

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