MY RHEMAJET Friday 15Th JUNE 2018

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Friday, 15Th JUNE 2018

Now that I am born again, everything about my life is brand new and of God. I rebuke anything that’s not of God in my life—something that hurts, binds, demeans or limits me are gone. That’s because all such things (old things) are passed away. The failures, sickness, poverty, and defeats of the past are all gone. The only things that are permissible in my life are things that “are of God.” I reject cancer, pain, frustration, or crisis. I have a new life in Christ, and this new life destroys sickness and disease, because it’s the life of God. I refuse to cower. I keep affirming that, I have a new life, and it’s the Christ-life; it burns up every trace of sickness and disease from my body. I keep vocalizing my faith, trusting what God has said; He’s called me to glory and virtue, not to poverty, sickness or death. God has reconciled me to himself by Jesus Christ. Everything about my life has been reconciled; I have the brand new and divine life that God ordained for me. There’s nothing good missing in my life. I am excellent and full of glory; a perfection of beauty. I live with this consciousness, and there is no room for poverty, defeat, failure or sickness in my life. Blessed be God.
I walk in newness of life, living out the glorious Christ-life predestined for me from the foundation of the world. I’m chosen, royal, peculiar, excellent, and full of glory. I walk in victory and dominion always. Hallelujah!

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