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Saturday, June 23rd
I pray with authority and audacity of faith in the Name of Jesus. I live in the authority of His Name. In the Name of Jesus, I exercise the full legal powers I was given to act in His stead. I have the understanding and the consciousness, of the power and import of the Name of Jesus, and what it represents. I make demands in His name that, everything responds to me the same way they should respond to Jesus. The angels, demon spirits, and all of nature respond to me as though they were hearing directly from Jesus. I have the boldness and confidence in prayer. His power is behind every demands, prayers, requests, and instructions, to bring them to pass. Whatsoever I ask the Father in the name of Jesus, he will give [it] to me. Blessed be God.
Dear Father, I thank you for I have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of Jesus Christ. And in His Name, I lay hold of my inheritance. The whole world is mine, because I’m a joint-heir with Christ. All of nature responds to me, blessed be God. Amen.
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