My life is for the glory of God

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My life is for the glory of God



I declare I have all-round prosperity, and durable success always. I refuse to be swayed or moved by circumstances. The Word prevail in my life, putting me over and above circumstances, and piloting me from glory to glory. I think, mutter, and roar the Word only. The forces of life are release from within me; through my faith-filled confessions. I create my fruitful, productive and victorious life—with my words.

I walk in the fullness of God’s blessings. My life is for the glory of God; I’m called to show forth His praise and express His righteousness on earth. I’m a light in a dark world, living out the divine life that I have in Christ.

I declare that my future is secure in Christ; all things are working together for my good, because I love the Lord, and I’m called according to His purpose. Christ in me is my greatest advantage. I’m forever lifted, over and above the depravity and corrupting influences of this world. Blessed be God!

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3 thoughts on “My life is for the glory of God

  1. May God continue to bless and increase Beloved Pastor Chris who are blessed to pass on the beautiful message of Christ!We don’t have to chase for anything…our blessed God has already lined up beautiful blessings for us. Amen Amen Amen in Jesus Mighty Name!

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