Music: Samsong “E Dey Work”

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Music: Samsong “E Dey Work”

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“we are children of the light, we are taught to speak what we want to see. A lot of misconception and false doctrines are everywhere online, that it doesn’t work for you does not mean it won’t work for another. In simple terms E Dey Work.” : Samsong

Samsong is a prolific songwriter, award winning artiste and music icon, he returns with “E Dey Work”. Titled in Nigeria’s local language “Pidgin English” E Dey Work which means “It’s Working”.

E Dey Work is set to be an anthem in 2019. E Dey Work reaffirms that you are the primary prophet over your life. E Dey Work is delivered by GID for Boogie Down Concepts.


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