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I testify that light, understanding and excellent wisdom is found in me
I testify that the Lord has perfected all that concerns me; spirit, soul and body, materially and financially.
I testify that I dwell in abundance in the mighty name of Jesus.
I testify that glorious things are spoken of me; my name is coming up in sensitive quarters for good, for promotion, for increase.

I testify that strangers are building my walls and kings are coming to the brightness of my rising.
Money gravitates towards me by free course unhindered.
I testify that I have money everywhere.
I testify of my miraculous supply.
I testify that I’m filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
I testify that I have a special and uncommon grace.

I testify that I lay up gold as dust.
I testify that I eat the good of this land.
I testify that I am a Kingdom Financier.
I testify that doors of opportunities are opened unto me continually; foreign currencies are locating me now.
I testify that God is my source, my supply thus I can never run dry.
I testify that I’m bigger than every demand.
I testify that everything I touch prospers.
I testify that in my path, there is no death; I am shielded and protected.
I testify that the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not lack anything good.

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