I see victories and possibilities only

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I see victories and possibilities only


I DECLARE that I see victories and possibilities only; I’m bold and courageous. I win, irrespective of the challenges and circumstances that I face; they‘re “bread” for me. It makes no difference what problems, test, trials, and adversities may come my way, I’m unruffled, knowing that in Christ I’ll never be defeated, broke or despondent.

I’m a burning and shining light. I dispel the darkness in the heart of the unconverted, impacting them with the message of eternal life, and establishing them in righteousness. Through me, the knowledge of Christ spreads everywhere, and my triumphs of faith effuse exquisite fragrance of God’s glory in every place.

I am a product of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Word of God is working mightily in me; Christ is my life! I live in the rejuvenating power of the resurrected Christ, twenty-four hours everyday, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. https://wp.me/p9TTph-1gl

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