I live the supernatural life

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I live the supernatural life



I declare I live the supernatural life of Christ naturally. I function from the high realm of the spirit! I look at the world from the mountaintop! Sickness, failure, defeat and death are alien to me!  I’m a world overcomer! I’m sanctified and separated from sickness, failure, poverty and death, and separated unto God, and the divine life! 

I am not subject to the world. I carry my own atmosphere everywhere I go; an atmosphere of divine health, peace and prosperity! I am moving forward and making progress in life! It’s success, health and victory all the way, all my days!  I know only the upward and forward life. My youth is renewed like that of the eagle, day by day and I grow from strength to strength!  

There is no stagnation in my life, in my body, my mind or my spirit. There is a different principle of life at work in me! My case is different! I was born by the operation of the Law of the Spirit of life! I know who I am! Only the good Word of God is fulfilled in my life today! Amen. Glory to God! 

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  1. I am moving forward and making progress in life! It”s success, health, and victory all the way! all my days! Hallelujah!

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