I live and walk in the spirit

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I live and walk in the spirit



I declare I live and walk in the spirit. I’m born into the realm of the Spirit. I’m aware and alive to the spirit-realm through the Word and the Holy Ghost. I’m living with the mindset and consciousness of the heavenly being. I’m the image of the heavenly. The Holy Ghost lives in me, and I carry Him everywhere. I’m the light of the world.

I dominate my environment with the atmosphere of the Spirit. I’m born of God. I have the Spirit of Christ. I alive according to God in the spirit. The hand of the Lord is upon me. My words are in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

The Holy Spirit is my peculiar atmosphere and advantage in life; my life is made very different and beautiful. I rule and dominate my world with the atmosphere of joy, peace, success and victory, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “I live and walk in the spirit

  1. The Holy Ghost lives in me and I carry Him every where.I am the light of the world. Halleluhia!

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