I am wealthy and prosperous

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I am wealthy and prosperous


I DECLARE that I am wealthy and prosperous. God has strategically placed men in the right places to fight for my cause. My business is attracting huge and profitable orders. In my workplace, I am receiving promotions. Lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, yea I have a goodly heritage.

The Word of God is in my heart and on my lips, producing results. I walk in peace, prosperity, divine health, protection, progress, supernatural success and blessings today and evermore. The world belongs to me!

I belong to Christ, therefore I am an heir according to the promise, and a joint-heir with Jesus. Abraham’s blessings are mine, I am blessed in the city, I am blessed in the field, I am blessed going in and coming out, and no harm can come to me. Divine health is my portion; in Jesus’ Name. Amen. https://wp.me/p9TTph-19M

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