I am ten times better than my peers

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I am ten times better than my peers. I am blessed with supernatural intelligence; I have an excellent spirit. I do the extraordinary and unimaginable. The Holy Spirit is in me. The Holy Spirit has brought the glory of God into my life, giving me guidance and direction. I can walk through “walls,” blaze through barriers, and through the darkness. I am filled with supernatural ability to do things that can’t be humanly explained. The Holy Spirit is my advantage; He causes me to see, think, say and do things ordinary men can’t do. The anointing abides in me. Halleluiah.
By the power of the Holy Ghost, there’s a profuse demonstration of the supernatural in my ministry, job, business, finances, health, family, and everything that concerns me. My path is that of the just which shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Glory to God!

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