I am life-conscious

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I am life-conscious


I DECLARE that the transcendent life of God and the supernatural effect of his righteousness are working vitally in me. I am life-conscious, because the very life of God is at work in me. God has anointed me to be a symbol of his blessings. My life is a testimony of the goodness of the Lord.

I’ve been granted the power of attorney to use the Name of Jesus! Therefore, I disallow demonic activities in my life, environment, and in the lives of my loved ones. The dominion of Satan in anyone and anything around me is broken.

The Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is working in me; it’s working in my blood, muscles, bones and skin, from my head to my toes. This Law produces life in everything that concerns me; there is no stagnation in my life, in my body, my mind or my spirit. The people of the world may be subjected to various sicknesses and diseases, but for me it’s a different case! I may look like the rest of the world, but there is a different principle of life at work in me! Hallelujah! https://wp.me/p9TTph-1ay

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