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I affirm that my 2018 is full of glory. I am growing spiritually, and functioning in God’s purpose for my life. The ability of God to get wealth is working in me mightily. The Holy Spirit is directing me to my inheritance. I am laying up gold as dust. No negative thoughts, forces, or circumstances are strong enough to stop me from taking possesion of what belongs to me. I believe in God’s plan for my prosperity. His word is a propelling force in my life. In my business, i am the leading supplier of choice. Clients are attracted to me. I am involved with mega projects which bring mega profits. Halleluyah. Wherever i go, God has strategically positioned men to favour me. In this year, nothing shall be impossible unto me. I walk in dominion. I am a city set on a hill and cannot be hid.  My clouds are full and they are emptying themselves. I have been ushered into the supernatural; and i enjoy continuous supply. The days of lack are over, my cup overflows. Its my season of increase. Money has become too common to me. Glory!!!

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