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6th July 2018

I affirm that I am reigning in life. The blessing of the Lord has made my fame to spread abroad. I am like the city that is set on the hill, I can never be hid by the economic downturn of the world. I am mightily blessed of the Lord and out of my belly flows prosperity, joy, health, peace, and success. No man can successfully work to my disadvantage because all things are fashioned to work together for my good.

I am so blessed and nothing is permitted to fail in my hands. Hallelujah! I affirm that my address is Christ therefore, I refuse to be perturbed about anything because in Christ, all things are mine. I am built strong and established firmly in the faith as I walk in the light of God’s blessings for my life.

I am the centre of God’s operation in the earth; through me, the nations of the world are blessed. Glory to God! Saturate your cloud with faith-filled words.

Affirm, share and comment.

God bless you.



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