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I am walking in God’s plan and in the centre of His will. I enter 2020 with boldness and confidence, for the Word of the Lord has gone ahead of me; I look ahead with joy, knowing that the Lord has prepared my path. I walk on preordained pathways, doing those good works which God has predestined for me, and I’m living the good life which he prearranged and made ready for me.

I have clarity of vision and strong focus throughout 2020; no darkness, no distractions, no confusion, no failure in Jesus’ name. The light of God shines on my path; my journey is in one direction only – upward and forward. No down days, no discouragement, no weakness; I walk the path of victory, in perpetual triumph over every adversity, and every situation that confronts me. In this year 2020, the Lord will work through me, and my life will be a wonder; my testimonies will be outstanding, and even I will be amazed at the outworking of God’s grace in me, for the things that are impossible with men are possible with me, because God is at work in me.

My testimonies will inspire praise, my results will evoke worship; I will do the impossible, I will achieve the unimaginable by the wisdom and power of God! I am functioning daily in divine wisdom, guided by the Spirit of God at all times and in all situations. I follow God’s plan all the way; He leads me in the way that I should go, and I take my steps with faith and boldness, confident that everything has been prepared ahead of time. I don’t need to worry or try to make things work…I follow God’s plan, and everything is in place. Every step of the way, the picture unfolds, and all I see is glory, all I see is grace, all I see is supply… all things are ready!

No abortions, no miscarriages, nothing fails in my hands – I bring forth fruits unto perfection. I am rightly positioned by God’s Spirit for outstanding results; I am doing big things! It’s a year perfection; I will do mighty things as one man! I have raised my vision, my dreams are big enough for God to get involved with, and my success will surprise many. I walk through the walls, I beat down the mountains, I break through troops; no obstacle is formidable enough to stop me! I’m set on course; walking the path of greatness, with faith in my heart, with springs in my steps, and with the Word of God in my mouth! Nothing shall be impossible unto me!

This is my time, this is my season, this is my moment! 2020 is my year – PERFECTION, ALIGNMENT, COMPLETENESS, EXCELLENCE, FRUITFULNESS ALL THE WAY!!! That’s my story! Glory to God!

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