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I affirm that my spirit, soul, and body are under the dominion of the Word. My mind is flooded with good, excellent, edifying, and uplifting thoughts as I open my spirit to the influence of the Word. Grace and peace are multiplied in my life; my heart is garrisoned with divine wisdom and fortified to prevail over circumstances. I transcend every pressure, and anxiety because I have peace with prosperity. In all that I do, the wisdom of God is available to guide and lead me in the right paths to fulfil the dream and visions that God has given unto me. I have wisdom for ministry, for my job, my business, finances, health, and family! I function today, and always, in divine wisdom, manifesting the glory and virtues of divinity deposited with my spirit. I belong to Christ; therefore, I am the seed of Abraham, graced for greatness, and anointed to be fruitful and productive in every good work. I’ve been ordained to prosper and to live in the Father’s glory. My life will forever bring glory to God. I walk in the spirit, and not in the flesh. My spirit is constantly trained by the Word to hear and discern God’s voice, as He leads me in the paths of excellence and perpetual triumph. Blessed be God.


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