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I affirm that I am anointed with the anointing of Jesus Christ. I am an answer from God! As Jesus is the begotten of the Father, so am I. Daily, I reign in life, exercising dominion over all the forces of nature and authority over circumstances to bring them into union with the Father’s will. My words are backed with power to alter negative situations. Every word that I speak comes to pass. I am not ordinary; I know my divine origin; I am from Zion, the city of the living God. Therefore, I cannot be subject to the principles of this world’s system. I am a heavenly citizen, seated together with Christ in the heavenly realms! Hallelujah.

I take after Jesus because I am born of His Word. As I study and meditate on His Word, I become like Him more and more. I do the same things He does and get His kind of results every day. My life only goes in the direction of the Son of God. Irrespective of the happenings around the world, I will never fail in life! I can only be a marvel and an outstanding success, just like Jesus. Blessed be God. Hallelujah!


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