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I affirm that the Lord is the strength of my life! He is my refuge and my shield; in Him, I put my trust knowing that He has given me life and all that I require to live triumphantly to the glory of His Name. The Lord has set eternity in my heart and I walk in the prearranged paths which He has made ready for me before the foundations of the world. I am guided by God’s Spirit to walk in wisdom and understanding, filled with the thoughts of possibilities and righteousness. I am guided and regulated by the Word, today and always. The Lord is my source and my sufficiency; He makes me lie down in green pasture; He leads me beside the still waters! His divine power has given me all things that pertain to life and godliness. I live from a position of rest, knowing that I am a joint-heir with Christ. Lack is far from me; I live above the economies and economics of this world; I live triumphantly today, and always, fulfilling God’s dream and bringing glory to His Name. I am prospering in all my endeavours, and making progress from glory to glory through the Word, and the power of the Spirit. Blessed be God. Hallelujah!


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