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I affirm that I am alive to God; having been brought into fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I and the Father are one, and I belong in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son, where I reign and rule by the power of the Spirit! My address is Christ; I’ve been brought into such a beautiful place of glory, beauty, honour, and prosperity. Christ has been made unto me wisdom and that wisdom causes me to walk in the will of God, and fulfill my destiny in Christ. I am walking worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in all things as I joyfully anticipate His soon return. I walk in the light of my new life in Christ, conscious of my right standing with God, having received abundance of grace, and of the gift of righteousness. I am reigning in life through Jesus Christ, making progress and moving forward; I am heaping success upon success. I am not of this world; therefore I am immune to the negativities and vagaries of the natural world. Glory to God!


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