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I affirm that the Father has granted me the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, to deal excellently in the affairs of life. I am living the God-life to the full, growing in grace, and increasing in wisdom and understanding, by the Spirit, and through the knowledge of God’s Word. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! I am an heir of the Sovereign, and I am reigning as a king in life. Eternal life is my present-hour possession and I have heaven on the inside of me. Yes! the victorious life is mine; I live above sickness, disease, poverty, failure, and death. I am in Christ; therefore, I am not susceptible to infirmity. The life of God in me makes every fibre of my being: my cells, tissues, organs, and systems, impregnable to disease and sickness. Like Jesus, the devil has no place in me. Hallelujah!

Daily, my faith grows and prevail, producing greater results as I put it to work! Through my oneness with the Spirit and the Word, I am brought into an esoteric knowledge of God, and of the Lord Jesus. I have full discernment and understanding of divine realities because the eyes of my spirit have been flooded with light, to know the hope of my calling and the glory of God’s inheritance in the saints. The forces of righteousness, success, divine health, victory, and prosperity are activated in my life as I live in God’s Word, guided and inspired by divine wisdom to fulfil God’s perfect will for me. Blessed be God. Hallelujah!


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