8 Days of Meditation “Day 4 Affirmation”

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year of lights


This is the Year of Lights

“You are the world’s light – a city on a hill, glowing in the night for all to see”

(Mathew 5:14 TLB)


I shine ever so brightly this year, giving illumination, leadership and empowerment to my world. I produce signs and wonders by which many believe in the Lord, and I introduce new seasons of blessing everywhere I go.

The darker the night, the brighter my light shines this year. No external factor can condition my light; I shine brightly from within, bringing circumstances to tame. I have the light of God in me; I do not stumble or proceed in darkness. Rather, I guide men out of darkness with my words, my actions and my manner of life.

I am light, because my Father is the Father of lights! My shining does not rise and set; I’m ever-blazing by the Spirit, full of divine inspiration. I exhibit moral excellence in all that I do, carrying out only praiseworthy, noble and excellent deeds. My life yields honor, praise and glory to the Father. My light cannot be hidden; nations benefit from my shining.

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