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God is going to bring you to health and cure you from all sickness. He is prepared to give it to you this day. Seek him and ask for it today and you will receive it. “If you believe you shall receive whatever you ask for in prayer” – Matt 21:22.
You may be going through hardships in your life. It may be financial debts, business losses, or a distress at your home. God says; He will favour you and reveal to you the abundance of heavenly peace, wealth, and truth. You are going to experience the peace which no man can give you. The peace that is everlasting. Just affirm that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and follow him; He shall reveal his truth to you. Never turn back after you accept him. It is going to cost you much that you can afford. Be firm in your belief and stand by him; you will not be shaken. Keep praising him and his praise shall be in your mouth all the time. God will favour you and bring you to joy in the Holy Ghost this day. Amen.
Enjoy the Supernatural.


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